Sunday, December 23, 2007

GPS for Photographers

Wintec offers a nice little gadget named "G-Rays 2" (or WBT-201).
It is mainly a GPS-Mouse which can be connected via USB or Bluetooth. This doesn't sound extraordinary if there wouldn't be another feature: It can log data without the need of any external device. You can even "flag" a specific location by pressing a button on the device.
The data can then be processed with "Time Machine X", a software included in the package. You can convert your GPS tracks to many common file formats and even auto-geotag your photos.

Some selected technical data:
- Atmel Antaris 4 Chipset
- can track 131000 points with internal memory
- up to 12hrs. battery lifetime in logging mode
- Uses standard Nokia BL-4C battery type
- standard mini-USB connector (also used for charging)

German readers may click here for more information.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Slicer: Sliced Gigapixel Rendering and PTGui Template Multi-Apply

The new version of the Slicer-App. can now multi-apply a PTGui project as a template for any number of images in a given directory.

The "multiplier"-feature can be used for:
- precision heads: Batch-stitch a days work without having to load every single image set.
- panoramic movies: Create the accompanying project files for your panoramic movie frames.

Download and usage instructions can be found here.