Friday, May 9, 2008

A forgotten place in the heart of Vienna

The old Jewish cementery in Währing is situated directly next to the Metro Station "Nussdorfer Strasse" - though this didn't help the cementery to become a forgotten place.

Although some well-meant singular actions in the past years the place becomes more and more decayed. It will soon be irretrievably ruined if no miracle happens.

The cementery had to be closed to the public - not only because of the threat of vandalism - but also because of the danger by falling trees and open crypts.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Movies from the motorbike

I found some spare time to experiment with my "bike-videos" again.
Meanwhile, i have found a smaller recording device than the DV-cam, a Canon Ixus 70. It can take videos at 640x480 with up to 30 fps - a good precondition to capture movement:

The duct tape's purpose is to stabilize the "RAM-Mount", which is constructed to hold a GPS device. The pin-joints are rubberized to dampen the vibrations - but that only provoked the opposite. You end up in having to beat 3 sorts of shakyness:
- Shakyness caused by the surface of the street
- Head wind vibrations (...and the "weak" RAM-Mount)
- Vibrations of the handle bar - making the video unusable at engine speed above 5000 rpm.

So i had to postprocess the video with VirtualDub and the Deshaker plugin. Luckily, Deshaker's standard settings with some tweaking did a pretty good job, as you can see at the borders of this video (It shows the way through the "Weissenbachtal", a street in Upper Austria, connecting the Attersee and Bad Ischl):

Here's an other one, depicting the way along the Hallstaettersee, from the Gosauzwang through Hallstatt to Winkl: