Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Uploads on Austria-360

Still looking for a simple-to-use CMS for the Website and finding none, so i persuaded mayself to do one more manual update with some panoramas that are waiting since months to be uploaded:


© Robert F. Tobler,

Lower Austria

© Robert F. Tobler,


© Robert F. Tobler,

I. Bezirk, Stephansplatz

I. Bezirk, Graben

I. Bezirk, Hohe Bruecke / Tiefer Graben

I. Bezirk, Ankeruhr, Hoher Markt

I. Bezirk, Judenplatz, Jüdisches Denkmal und Lessing-Statue

I. Bezirk, Steindlgasse

I. Bezirk, Schulhof, Uhrenmuseum

I. Bezirk, Tuchlauben

Ars Electronica 2010

I did tell about the Stereo 3D Images from the 2010 Event, but i forgot to advertize the panoramas which are online at Austria-360:

Click image to go to the Ars 2010 panoramas

Above snippet depicts one of my favourite exhibited projects, a robotic telepresence system which - despite of the weird appearance of the doll - actually works. It is called "Telenoid" by the already very famous scientist Hiroshi Ishiguro.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The (almost) final solution for my battery charging problems...

I have a countless number of cameras and electronic devices lying around at home with an equal number of differing batteries. Some devices even came with no charger at all and use a dedicated power supply to charge the battery.
So, if you're travelling, your luggage is crammed with cables and chargers of which one usually turns out to be the wrong one and another missing.

Incidentally i found the almost perfect solution for this problem at a local dealer. It's called "Hähnel Unipal" - a charger with two freely adjustable contacts to fit any Li-Ion or Li-Po battery within the 3,6/7,2 Volt range. Plus, it offers an USB outlet to charge USB-powered devices and it can load AA & AAA batties. The only thing i'm missing is a CR123 charging option  ;-)

A special tip: If you have problems with retracted contacts, just rotate the battery and charge it upright...