Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Movies from the motorbike

I found some spare time to experiment with my "bike-videos" again.
Meanwhile, i have found a smaller recording device than the DV-cam, a Canon Ixus 70. It can take videos at 640x480 with up to 30 fps - a good precondition to capture movement:

The duct tape's purpose is to stabilize the "RAM-Mount", which is constructed to hold a GPS device. The pin-joints are rubberized to dampen the vibrations - but that only provoked the opposite. You end up in having to beat 3 sorts of shakyness:
- Shakyness caused by the surface of the street
- Head wind vibrations (...and the "weak" RAM-Mount)
- Vibrations of the handle bar - making the video unusable at engine speed above 5000 rpm.

So i had to postprocess the video with VirtualDub and the Deshaker plugin. Luckily, Deshaker's standard settings with some tweaking did a pretty good job, as you can see at the borders of this video (It shows the way through the "Weissenbachtal", a street in Upper Austria, connecting the Attersee and Bad Ischl):

Here's an other one, depicting the way along the Hallstaettersee, from the Gosauzwang through Hallstatt to Winkl: