Sunday, October 7, 2007

Compiling latest Hugin on OpenSuSE 10.3

Good news: with openSuSE 10.3, most dependent libraries for Hugin 0.7beta are in the correct state, so here's a quick roundup how to get and install:

  • Download latest sources:
    svn co hugin
    See for more information
  • Create bootstrap:
  • run "make", then "make install". You can speed up things with modern computers by using more than 2 CPUs, e.g. "make -j2" will use 2 CPUs.
  • At least for Gnome, Hugin will automatically create a start menu entry

What else is needed to run Hugin?

  • Mandatory: The panotools library (pano12):
    svn co libpano12
    See for more information
  • Optional: Autopano-SIFT (Tool for automatic creation of control points)
    Install instructions for the ignorant:
    - unpack autopano-sift-2.4.tar.gz
    - copy all files from the ../bin subdirectory to your harddisk (e.g. /usr/local/bin)
    - configure Hugin to use for control point creation
  • Optional: Enblend (Tool for seamless blending)
    I recommend still using Enblend Version 2.5 as V3 introduced GPU-based calculation which - at least on my computer - turned out to be tricky to compile.