Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stereo 3D Panorama Samples for Zalman Trimon and other row interleaved 3D monitors

Here are 2 working prototypes of true, full color 3D panoramas for display on row interleaved 3D monitors.
Although Flash is a performance disaster (can't wait till it supports true HW acceleration) the outcome is nice enough to share it with the lucky ones that have the hardware prerequesites. Be sure to make it fullscreen for a correct depth experience:

Many thanks to Erik Leeman who adapted his original Flash preloader to output the required screen format!

How it works:
Row interleaved 3D monitors create the stereo effect by overlaying each row with a special polarized foliage. This method is passive, so you don't need a dedicated operating mode or monitor driver. All you have to do is to display the right image on every even and the left image on every odd line.
This is exactly what Erik Leeman's preloader does: The left and right panoramas are preloaded and overlayed with a mask to ensure that each line will display the matching image.