Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stereo-3D High Resolution Panorama Tests

This weekend i experimented with high resolution anaglyph panoramas. I tried to answer 2 questions that have been identified by me as most important:
- What stereo base to use for the left and right image
- Which suitable method to interconnect both panoramas to an anaglyph image

I have used the Gigapan device with a Canon G9 mounted. The stereo image was created by moving the tripod. Stitching with Autopano Giga 2 and PTGui, alignment with PTGui and manual Anaglyph creation with Gimp/PS.
It turned out that creating 2 identical panoramas was a bigger problem than expected, so i need to do some more experiments. Keep that in mind when exploring the panoramas below.

Here are 3 sample anaglyph panoramas. They are downsampled to approx. 50%, so processing the images was a little easier and faster. Click thumbnails to view the full panoramas (red-cyan glasses needed):

Meidling Train Station
Stereo base approx. 10 cm. Both panoramas were warped to fit without caring for a "consistent" stereo image. It is easiest to view but has some bent lamp poles and other inconsistencies.

Flak Tower 1
Stereo base approx. 1 meter. Good looking as a small image, but very difficult to view when zooming in. Such a panorama would need dynamic adjustment of the left and right image while viewing - just like done when at time of shooting in 3D-movies.

Flak Tower 2
Stereo base approx 10cm and manual adjustment of left and right layer to guarantee best possible viewing experience. Still - stitching inconsistenies are very noticeable.

Next step is to work with a 2 camera setup...